About Us

The Modern Cactus Co. was inspired by a desire to share my culture and my passion for bohemian fashion. Becoming a mother and raising small children has taught me the importance of sharing our culture with not only our children, but with each other. Our lives are richer when we share in our varied histories and it weaves into the fabric of your life like the woven leather of huaraches.
Our collections of traditional Mexican goods are handmade by artisans all throughout Mexico from small towns known for their production of specific artisanal goods. I share this piece of my culture as I would share a treasured childhood story about waking up extra early to make tortillas and cheese with my abuelita while everyone else was still asleep. I share it with my whole heart.
Thank you for supporting our small shop. I am but a servant on this earth and I hope to serve some joy to as many people as we can reach. Thank you also to my loving husband and the sweetest two boys that add meaning to each and every one of my days.